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    About Us

    Are you looking for high end testing equipment? Well, you have come to the right place!

    Advanced Tools is Australia's trusted test and measure store. We stock world-leading brands, and what's even better, we're authorised dealers for ALL the brands available on our store.

    We understand that many of our customers rely on our equipment for their everyday jobs. Whether you're an electrician in need of a reliable multimeter, an AC contractor who needs a quality digital manifold, or a building inspector requiring a thermal camera, we've hand-selected brands and products that tick these boxes & exceed expectations.

    When it comes to test and measure equipment, we've got everything covered!

    If you can't find a specific product while browsing our website, simply let us know, and we'll most likely be able to source it for you.

    Today's Technology, Creating Tomorrow's Future 

    Advanced Tools is built on trust, integrity, facilitation and an exceptional customer experience.

    Advanced Tools is a community, built to safely purchase world leading imaging technology, testing tools, monitoring & inspection equipment and more. Delivered to your doorstep.

    We are Australian Owned and Operated. We don’t use any bots, Artificial Intelligence or overseas call services. You will always speak with an employee from Advanced Tools.


    Trust is something that we take very seriously. We want our customers to have no doubts when purchasing through Advanced Tools. We build trust by always doing the right thing, putting our customers and suppliers first. We hand select reputable companies to work with, ensuring that trust can be maintained throughout the entire business process. You will always have a designated representative to speak with at Advanced Tools, there will be no “call back systems” or email only communication. Just a mobile number and an Advanced Tools Employee.


    Advanced Tools is built upon honesty and strong moral principles. Ensuring we are always upfront and transparent with our customers and suppliers.


    Advanced Tools understands life gets busy. That is why we have created an online store at your fingertips. Eliminating the time and cost involved in travelling to brick & mortar stores to find the right product. We also ensure we use up to date shipping systems, to ensure a fast, reliable and simple delivery process.  

    Of course, this isn’t all we offer you as a customer at Advanced Tools. This is just the beginning.

    If you have any questions. Please contact us.

    Meet Curt, the founder of Advanced Tools

    After finishing high school in 2011, I started an apprenticeship in Bricklaying. At the beginning, I assumed that a building site mostly relied on hand tools and heavy lifting. However, I quickly discovered that most trades relied heavily on advanced equipment to complete their jobs.

    I became intrigued about the tools used by different trades. I noticed a significant difference in the quality and speed of work between those who purchased lesser quality tools and those who used world-leading brands. This fascination only grew stronger.

    From Bricklaying, I moved on to site supervising and project management. Through this, my exposure to trades and their tools broadened.

    Based on the above experience, I ventured out on my own and started a Building Inspection Company that is still operating today. It became clear to me that the building industry needed a store that truly cared about and listened to its customers, not just a normal hardware store.

    The Industry needed someone who knows their stuff, can offer outstanding service, and help everyday Australians grow!

    And so, we launched Advanced Tools, bringing Australians the most trusted test, measure, and specialist tool store.