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    At Advanced Tools, we've joined forces with top-tier brands and suppliers in the industry to ensure you receive only the best.

    All the brands we represent come with an Australian warranty, providing coverage against any manufacturing glitches, defects, or issues that may arise.

    We steer clear of obscure fine print or elusive clauses. However, there are certain key details you should be aware of, so we encourage you to delve into our comprehensive warranty policy and procedures outlined below.

    Our products are backed by guarantees that stand firm under the Australian Consumer Law. In the event of a significant failure, you're entitled to either a replacement or refund, along with compensation for any other reasonably foreseeable loss or damage.

    Moreover, you have the right to get the goods repaired or replaced if they fail to meet acceptable quality standards, provided the failure isn’t classified as major.

    Each brand we house has distinct warranty durations. For individual product warranty details, please navigate to the product page and click on the description/specifications tab.

    Warranty coverage extends to any manufacturer defects or faults throughout the warranty period, excluding accidental breakages, damages stemming from improper use, tampering, or DIY repairs and modifications conducted post-purchase.

    Warranty Procedure

    Before initiating a return, we’ll engage in troubleshooting to ascertain if the issue can be resolved via phone, email, Facetime, or live video, based on what’s most suitable given the product or scenario.

    In most cases, a brief troubleshooting consultation, usually spanning a few minutes, suffices to rectify the issue. If the issue persists post-consultation, we’ll arrange a courier to transport your item to our supplier for further examination, all at no expense to you.

    Upon confirmation of a manufacturer's fault or defect as the root cause, we’ll cover any postage costs you incurred sending the item for inspection, and proceed to either replace or repair your item, or in certain instances, issue a refund.

    *Please note: It's crucial that prior to returning your item, you and our support team at Advanced Tools engage in troubleshooting to eliminate the possibility of user error. Should an item returned under a warranty claim be found to be fully operational with the issue attributed to user error, we’ll assist in having the item sent back to you. In such instances, Advanced Tools won’t bear any return shipping and handling costs.

    For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us at sales@advancedtools.com.au.

    Thermal Camera's

    Please note, certain Thermal Cameras require regular calibration. It is important to note, if your individual thermal camera is subject to this, you will need to ensure you adhere to the product recommendation. This is usually an annual calibration. Failure to follow product recommendations may result in voided warranty and inaccurate results. 

    Limitations of Liability Advanced Tools

    At Advanced Tools, we want our customers to be aware of the warranty coverage for the products they purchase from us. Some products may have exclusions from the manufacturer's warranty, such as wear parts and consumables like rechargeable batteries, measuring cells, and printing mechanisms. Additionally, damage caused by misuse, lack of care, accidents, or external influences such as transport damage, vibration, excess heat, water, moisture, or acids, or use of unsuitable accessories may not be covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Please note that any modifications or repairs made by unauthorised persons may also void the manufacturer's warranty. Furthermore, regular maintenance and repairs or replacement of parts due to normal wear are not covered under warranty. The costs of packaging and transport, transport risks incurred in connection with the warranty, and the costs of repairs, adjustments, or similar measures taken beyond the extent of this warranty are also not covered. At Advanced Tools, we aim to provide our customers with transparent information about the warranty coverage for each product. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the warranty coverage for a specific product.